August 2015 In Review

MichelangeloMerisiDaCaravaggio-SanGerolamo-c1606Vampire Community News (VCN) – August 2015 In Review

Real-Life Vampires: We ‘Feed’ During Sex – The Real-Life Vampires Of Atlanta – The Daily Beast
August 4, 2015

Vampirology Poll Ruffles A Few Feathers – Octarine Valur
August 4, 2015

Can We Reverse The Ageing Process By Putting Young Blood Into Older People?
August 4, 2015

RIP Sanguinarius (Sangi) | 1970-2015 | Vampire Community Pioneer

On Second Thought – The Real Vampires w/John Edgar Browning & Merticus – Georgia Public Broadcasting
August 5, 2015

Gerçek Vampirler: Haftada Iki çorba Kaşığı Insan Kanı Içiyorlar – Radikal Turkey
August 6, 2015

PRAVA KRV Priča O Pravim Vampirima Koji Se “Hrane” Tokom Seksa – Blic Online Serbia
August 6, 2015

The Daily Beast Podcast: Interview With A Vampire (Merticus)
August 8, 2015

Seeking Vampires For Cable Network TV Series
August 8, 2015

New Orleans HexFest Forced to Change Ritual Location
August 9, 2015

Vampire Evolution: From Myth To Modern Day – By Eric Vernor (Corvis Nocturnum) & L. E. Carruba

Religious Experiences Of Vampires – Research Survey – Dr. Emyr Williams
August 13, 2015

Interview With A Real-Life Vampire (Merticus): Why Drinking Blood Isn’t Like In Hollywood – The Guardian
August 15, 2015

Vampyre Academy Reiki Survey – Octarine Valur
August 20, 2015

Blood Rave To Douse Amsterdam Dancers In Gallons Of Blood
August 20, 2015

Vampires… In A Town Near You? – The Time Traveler’s Dog
August 23, 2015

Psychic Vampirism: A Trend That Needs To End
August 26, 2015

Lady Gaga’s “American Horror Story” Character Is Basically A Vampire – Cosmopolitan
August 26, 2015

There Will Be Bloed: Uncovering Holland’s Halloween Blood Rave –
August 30, 2015

Are Goths Really More Depressed Than the Rest of Us ‘Normals’?
August 30, 2015

June 2015 In Review

IlluminatedManuscript-MedievalJoustVampire Community News (VCN) – June 2015 In Review

Caitlyn Jenner: Where Our True Self And True Identity Is Found – Vampire Analogy
June 3, 2015

Florida Woman (Josephine Smith) From Elderly ‘Vampire’ Attack Now Accused Of Stabbing Boyfriend
June 3, 2015

Student In Satanic Claims – The Voice
June 3, 2015

4 Tales Of Teens Who Have Taken Occult Practices Too Far, Some To The Point Of Murder
June 3, 2015

Video Shows Florida Man Dancing On Patrol Car To Save Children From Vampires
June 4, 2015

Norfolk ‘Paedophile Ring’ Case: Baby Blood Allegations ‘Nonsensical’
June 4, 2015

Drinking Blood Can Lead To Some Serious Complications: If You’re Not A Vampire Bat, Don’t Do It
June 9, 2015

Vampire Studies Symposium To Be Held In Texas On Halloween
June 10, 2015

Children Of Satan: What Do Their Disturbing Tales Of Bloody Rituals Mean?
June 11, 2015

RIP Sir Christopher Lee :: 1922 – 2015
June 11, 2015

Friends Or Consumer Group? – GraveYard Press
June 12, 2015

Penny’s People: Human Vampires Exist In The Thousands Says Glyndwr University Expert Dr. Emyr Williams
June 13, 2015

Individual Pathways To The ‘Real Vampire Community’ – A Poll
June 16, 2015

Man Facing Charges For Having Sex With Minor & Making 3 Girls Drink Blood
June 30, 2015