Real Vampire Community Animal Welfare Awareness

Real Vampire Community Animal Welfare Awareness
An affirmation of vampire community values regarding the humane treatment of animals

I. We are members of the vampire community who wish to make an explicit statement about the ethics surrounding animal consumption, blood sourcing, and humane treatment issues.  This statement is drafted so that all parties understand that there is no place in the vampire community for deliberate animal cruelty.  The suffering of other creatures is not something that vampires advocate or will passively tolerate when discovered.  It is not fun or a game, it does not affirm one’s place on the food chain, it is not excused when readily available educational resources outline humane killing techniques, and it does not gain you our approval.  Inhumane acts perpetrated on animals are not necessary, it is not an acceptable way to fulfill your health needs as a sanguinarian vampire, and it is considerably far removed from any socially-acceptable treatment of either domesticated or food animals.  Many vampires are empathic individuals and as such the needless suffering of animals should be abhorrent to our nature.

II. We acknowledge that the vampire community is made up of diverse individuals with a wide range of ethical and cultural backgrounds.  We might be vegetarians and vegans, meat eaters, sport hunters, farmers, animal rescue volunteers, rights advocates, pet owners, dog people and cat people, or even barbecue enthusiasts.  We come together from these diverse standpoints to make a statement: that there is a clear and unambiguous distinction between animal use and animal cruelty.  We draw a similar ethical distinction between the harvesting of animals in a sober, respectful context and the infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering upon any animal.  Sanguinarian vampires who kill animals for use of their blood should do so in the most humane manner possible, and as prescribed by the laws governing their residence.

III. Under certain circumstances, many cultures and ethical systems allow for the slaughter of food animals for the purposes of consumption or legally recognized and protected religious expression, and many contemporary subcultures participate in the hands-on slaughter of food animals.  Many modern people, including sport hunters, farm workers, chefs, and even ordinary household consumers, sometimes slaughter their own food animals in a controlled, skillful, and hopefully humane context.

IV. While there are a spectrum of philosophies about animal use, we hold absolutely no ambiguity about animal abuse; this is not appropriate behavior for any group of people, and especially not for the vampire community, which has so often been the target of social abuse, discrimination, insensitivity, and uncompassionate behavior.  We acknowledge how often the needs of vampire community members, both physical and psychological, have gone disregarded and dismissed by the wider society, and resolve to never be dismissive about the suffering of another feeling creature.  Those who choose to take the life of an animal have an ethical responsibility to educate themselves beforehand on the most humane method of killing the animal.

V. We categorically acknowledge the intentional infliction of pain and suffering on any animal, including but not limited to common food animals and those sold for food purposes, the intentional glorification of an animal’s death by means of photographic depictions of blood splattering, exsanguination, evisceration, mutilation, or the like, and the encouragement of others to engage in such activities, to be abnormal, reprehensible, and potentially pathological.  Furthermore, inflicting unnecessary suffering through negligence, ignorance, or indifference are equally as reprehensible.  If it is your business to kill husbanded or game animals, it is also your responsibility to do so humanely and with due respect for a creature’s capacity to suffer.

VI. The vampire community exists to promote the open exchange of information amongst vampires and interested individuals.  This is an opportunity for vampires to communicate about ways they can become more aware of general ethics issues in our various societies concerning animal rights and welfare.  We encourage this statement of awareness to serve as a catalyst for global community discussions on humane animal husbandry, safe and humane means to source blood from an animal, issues surrounding factory farms, ethical and humane sport hunting practices, unethical pet breeding practices, dog and cat rescue projects, and the support of local animal protection groups.

Real Vampire Community Animal Welfare Awareness
By Zero & Merticus; Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] & Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC

January 22, 2013 – This article may be redistributed, translated, or adopted by other organizations provided there are no content modifications and full citation is included.

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The Humane Treatment Of Animals For Sanguinarian Purposes
By Merticus & Zero; Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] & Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC – January 20, 2013

Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] Official Statement: Humane Treatment Of Animals

Official Statement From The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA]:
The Humane Treatment Of Animals For Sanguinarian Purposes

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] does not condone the inhumane treatment of animals used for sanguinarian (blood) feedings under any circumstances.  While we recognize the needs of sanguinarian vampires to consume blood, we will not support those who choose to glorify the killing of any animal exclusively for this expressed purpose.  We will not support those who make statements about receiving pleasure from the act of an animal screaming, struggling, or in fear of its life.  Members of the AVA are not all vegetarians, and we do not take an exclusivist or ideological approach to the killing of common food animals.

However, there is a clear line between a person doing what is humane and necessary to satiate hunger or blood thirst and a person expressing a potential underlying psychosis wherein one revels in a desire to cause suffering to an animal while encouraging others to participate in kind.  Additionally, we can think of no justifiable reason for sanguinarian vampires to take the life of a dog, cat, or similar domesticated animal for purposes of blood drinking.  We strongly discourage members of the vampire community who do not already have experience as livestock handlers or sport hunters from assuming the enormous ethical responsibility and technical skill set that comes with deciding to slaughter your own food animals.  Hunting and farming both are skills that require attentive study, a strong ethical foundation, and respect for the creatures you are dealing with.

We additionally reiterate in the strongest possible terms that it is the responsibility and ethical burden of anyone who does engage in the slaughter of their own food animals to properly educate themselves on humane means of taking the life of an animal as well as possible medical dangers from consuming blood directly from wild or hunted game animals, livestock, or animals raised for meat.

If you witness someone who is inhumanely harming and taking the life of an animal under similar circumstances like the ones we have outlined above please report them to your local authorities, animal shelters, and the local vampire community.

January 20, 2013