Real Life Vampire & Loving Mother Sucks Human Blood

LadyDarkRoseReal Life Vampire: Vampire Loving Mother Sucks Human Blood, Twilight Style (VIDEO) – Barcroft TV

A real life vampire MUM-OF-THREE has shockingly revealed she drinks live human BLOOD from PEOPLE – sometimes consuming nearly TWO LITRES (half a gallon) a month. Bloodthirsty real life vampire Julia Caples, 45, is a vampire fanatic who has been sucking blood from willing ‘donors’ for over 30 years and says she’s hooked. And she reveals there is a huge underground sub-culture of other drinkers all over the world, who secretly engage in the same bizarre practices. Doctors feel a ‘resurgence of blood drinking’ is happening because of the recent spate of vampire series and films like Twilight. Care-worker Julia ‘hunts’ for willing ‘donors’ – fellow vampire fans willing to let Julia drink from them – at her local occult and oddities store. During drinking sessions at her Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania home, Julia carefully cuts them with a pagan-like sterilised knife she designed herself. She believes that guzzling down the the lifeblood from others keeps her feeling young and vigorous – just like ageless vampires from cult movies.

‘Vampire’ Mum-Of-Two: ‘I Drink Almost Two Litres Of Blood A Month From Human Donors’

‘Vampire’ Mum Who Drinks People’s Blood: I Feel Stronger & Healthier

Julia Caples, Real-Life Vampire, Says Drinking Blood Makes Her Feel Healthier, Stronger

Meet The Vampire-Obsessed Mother-Of-Two Who Drinks Half-A-Gallon Of LIVE HUMAN BLOOD A Month

Julia Caples, Real-Life Vampire Mom, Drinks Human Blood To Survive; What Are The Health Risks of Drinking Blood?

When You Think Your Mother Is A Vampire
Michael Brown for – June 11, 2013

Julia Caples, also known as Lady DarkRose, appeared on the Bill Cunningham Show on October 31, 2011 – Episode:  Dark, Disturbed, and Dangerous!

An Interview With Julia Caples, Lady DarkRose
December 31, 2011 – The Graveyard Press

Global V.D.T.O.R.S. Community Directory – Looking To The Future


If you are reading this post and identify as either a Real Vampi(y)re, Donor, Therian, or Otherkin you are strongly encouraged you join the Global VDTORS Community Directory by completing the Sign-Up Form located at the following link.

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The Global V.D.T.O.R.S. Community Directory is now 100% updated and operational as of June 1, 2013.  More than 1,144 Vampires, Donors, Therians, & Otherkin + Researchers & Supporters have joined from nearly 60 countries!  The next major update will occur July 1, 2013.  We have now implemented the Unique Identifier (UID) and Regional Contact System which will provide secure contact options for those who desire such while limiting outward-facing identification risk.  One of the benefits of this directory is that it can be ported to virtually any geovisualization platform and once we cross the threshold of approximately 1,750 or so participants we can begin more advanced geovisual analytics and modeling.

We will soon be able to extrapolate more precise age differences between communities and different areas of the World, highlight regions of greater concentration of sanguinarian versus psychic feeding vampires, overlay existing census data of large population centers onto our own ‘hot-spots’ of activity for comparison, examine geographic pockets of therian and otherkin concentration as compared to Howls, Packs, and established groups, and countess other statistical points of interest.

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59 Countries/Territories Represented

67.5% – U.S. (772)
32.5% – Non-U.S. (372)

Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America, & Venezuela


905 – Vampi(y)res
224 – Donors
146 – Therians/Therianthropes*
245 – Otherkin*
42 – Researchers/Supporters (Exclusive)

* Includes all self-identified (T/O/VT/VO/VTO) Therians, Otherkin, Vampire/Therian, Vampire/Otherkin, & Vampire/Therian/Otherkin combinations.

Self-Identified Vampi(y)res Breakdown:

36.46% – Psychic (Psi/Pranic) Vampires (330)
40.99% – Sanguinarian (Blood) Vampires (371)
45.86% – Hybrid (Psi/Sang) Vampires (415)
35.91% – Sexual/Tantric Vampire (325)
23.87% – Living (Spiritual/Magick) Vampi(y)res (216)

Self-Identified Donor Breakdown:

63.39% – Psychic/Pranic Donor (142)
80.80% – Sanguinarian Donor (181)
49.55% – Sexual/Tantric Donor (111)

Self-Identified Therian & Otherkin Breakdown:

Amur Tiger, Angelkin (4), Anthropomorphic Wolf, Artic Wolf, Black Jaguar, Canis Lupus (Cladotherian), Cat (3), Celestial Polykin, Clouded Leopard (2), Common Raven, Coyote (2), Deinonychus (Raptor), Demon (14), Dire Wolf, Dog, Dragon (7), Eastern Coyote, Elf (2), Elohim Seraphim, European Wildcat (Felis Silvestris), Extra Terrestrial, Fae (10), Feline Therian (2), Fictionkin, Fox, Gray Wolf (2), Hybrid Mutt, Jaguar, Jinn, Leopard, Lizard, Lop Eared Bunny, Lycan, Mixed Kin, Multiple System (2), Panther, Part Iron-Wood Jotun Giant, Peregrine Falcon, Phoenix (4), Polymorph (2), Polyshifter, Polywere, Raccoon, Red-Tailed Hawk (2), Rough-Legged Hawk, Scrat (Hermaphrodite Goat), Shapeshifter/Changeling (2), Siberian Tiger, Sidhe, Snow Leopard (4), Succubus, Tiger, Tundra Wolf, Vulpinthrope, Were-Tarantula, Werewolf (6), Winged Human, Wolf (16), & Not Specified (##)


38.6% – Male (442)
57.3% – Female (655)
4.1% – Transgender/Other (47)

U.S. Breakdown:

36.4% – Male (281)
58.2% – Female (449)
5.4% – Transgender/Other (42)

Non-U.S. Breakdown:

43.3% – Male (161)
55.4% – Female (206)
1.3% – Transgender/Other (5)


1982.33 – 31 Years Of Age – Overall Respondents (VDTO)

1981.88 – Vampi(y)res (Exclusive)
1982.12 – Vampi(y)res (Inclusive of D/T/O)
1981.36 – Donors (Exclusive)
1981.77 – Donors (Inclusive of V/T/O)
1986.08 – Therians/Therianthropes (Exclusive)
1985.00 – Therians/Therianthropes (Inclusive of V/D/O)
1983.51 – Otherkin (Exclusive)
1983.43 – Otherkin (Inclusive of V/D/T)

* The year listed above is the averaged year of birth for the respective respondent identity group.

If you know any Vampi(y)res, Donors, Therians, and Otherkin who have yet to sign up for the Directory please point them to the Sign Up Form – we rely on you to distribute this information to the various forums, groups, websites, and closed communities who may not be aware this project exists. If you have already signed up at a prior date please do *NOT* do so again as this significantly slows our processing time.  Once we receive approximately 50-75 additional therians/otherkin (exclusive) we’ll be providing split maps exclusively for these groups.  As the Directory grows so shall the amount features we’ll be adding.

Global V.D.T.O.R.S. Community Directory – Sign Up Form:

The following information is important to understand so that you can accurately read the maps and legend provided at the Geographical Maps & Database link below. It’s necessary that you look at the legend on the right-hand side of the map (the one that lists all the cities and other data) combined with the large chart at the bottom of the web page. Multiple individuals within the same city (latitude/longitude) will show on the map as the same point but as larger points on the frequency map. We’re searching for time-effective methods for altering this in the future that don’t involve changing latitudes/longitudes for everyone manually. Spending a few minutes playing around with the maps, legend, and chart will answer most of the questions you may have and be sure to click points on the legend for a pop-up window of each participant showing feeding method, identity type, and theriotype/kintype as applicable.  If you’re unsure of your own personal Unique Identifier (UID) number or have any other questions please let us know via e-mail at

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Taboo – National Geographic – Real Vampires w/Belfazaar Ashantison

NationalGeographicTaboo-VampireAbeLincolnTaboo USA – National Geographic Channel
Secret Passions EpisodeJune 4, 2013 @ 10 PM ET

Full Video:

Featuring real vampire (sanguinarian; blood-drinking) and author of the Donor Bill of Rights – Belfazaar Ashantison from New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA)

House Of Mystic Echoes