November 2015 In Review

Mercury-EvrartDeConty-LeLivreDesEchecsAmoureux-15thCVampire Community News (VCN) – November 2015 In Review

Sanguinarian FAQ – Ask A Sanguinarian!
November 4, 2015

Ask A Real Vampire – Facebook Group
November 4, 2015

Vampire Evolution – From Monster To Seducer – Documentary By Corvis Nocturnum & Michelle Belanger
November 5, 2015

‘Vampire Man’ In Sweden Convicted Of Killing Gay Lover Then Drinking His Blood
November 6, 2015

Vampirët: Historia E Vërtetë – Magazine Albania
November 8, 2015

Facts, Speculation, Evidence… Oh My – VTOC
November 12, 2015

Calling – The Shadow Sage
November 15, 2015

Real Vampires – FATE Magazine – Issue No. 728

FATE Magazine – The New Issue – Mysterious Universe
November 17, 2015

Historian Sinks His Teeth Into Local Ethnography
November 18, 2015

Why The Goths Left Gotham
November 18, 2015

New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA) – Thanksgiving Homeless Outreach Program
November 26, 2015

Entrevista Con Un Vampiro (Real): “Basta Una Cucharada De Sangre A La Semana” – El Mundo (Spain)
November 26, 2015

FATE Magazine – Issue 728 – Real Vampires

FATEMagazine-Issue728-October2015“The Modern-Day Subculture Of Real Vampires”
By Brad Steiger for FATE Magazine
October 2015 – Issue No. 728; Pages 30-38

FATE Magazine – Since 1948

“FATE Magazine – The New Issue”
By Nick Redfern for Mysterious Universe – November 17, 2015

October 2015 In Review

VisokiDecaniMonastery-Kosovo-14thCVampire Community News (VCN) – October 2015 In Review

Overview Of Vampire Community Web Traffic For Late October 2015
Gay Former Teen Prostitute Shares Life In New Orleans Vampire Cult With Chilling Detail
October 1, 2015

Tips To Keep Sang Donors Healthy – Giselle DeCavalier
October 4, 2015

Meeting Up – Safety Tips For Donors – Giselle DeCavalier
October 4, 2015

Linking It All Together: Building Sanguinarian Hypotheses – VTOC
October 6, 2015

Accused Killer Feared Woman With Vampire-Like Teeth, Court Hears
October 7, 2015

New Study Confirms Existence Of Real-Life ‘Vampires’ – Men’s Health Magazine
October 9, 2015

The Unity Question – Part 2 – Peace For Our Time – Real Vampire Life
October 12, 2015

What The Hell Is A Sexual Vampire? – Deacon Gray
October 13, 2015

Sexual Vampire, Or Sex Addict? – Deacon Gray
October 13, 2015

Young Community Leaders: Goals And Expectations – Deacon Gray
October 14, 2015

‘American Horror Story’ Taught Us All How To Vampire Last Night – MTV
October 15, 2015

The Day I Went To Work And Met A Real Vampire – Archana Reddy, MD
October 15, 2015

A Question Of Etiquette: Courts/Houses/Etc. – Rei Tadashi
October 17, 2015

Nocturnal Frequency Radio To Host Talk With House Of The Dreaming Matriarch Madame X
October 18, 2015

Hybrid Vampires – Who, What, And Why? – Zero Nightskye
October 18, 2015

The Beast Inside – Damien ShadowSage
October 18, 2015

Woman Killed Partner And Child ‘To Ward Off Vampires’
October 20, 2015

“Vampire” Slashes Open His Boyfriend’s Throat To Drink His Blood
October 20, 2015

The People Who Drink Human Blood – BBC Future
October 21, 2015

Meet The New-Age Vampires – They Call Themselves Sanguinarians And ‘Need’ To Drink Human Blood
October 23, 2015

Inside The Human Blood-Drinking, ‘Real Vampire’ Community Of New Orleans – The Washington Post
October 26, 2015

‘Real’ Vampires Exist And There Are Over 5,000 Of Them In The United States
October 26, 2015

Sanguinarianism & Me – Countess Alexia
October 26, 2015

Plain Speaking – Part 3 – Peace For Our Time? – Real Vampire Life
October 26, 2015

Trans-Murder Trial: Gay ‘Vampire’
October 27, 2015

What New Donors Need To Know – Damien ShadowSage & Rei Tadashi
October 27, 2015

The Vampire Craze In Popular Culture Isn’t Dead Yet – TIME Magazine
October 27, 2015

I Let My Vampire Boyfriend Drink My Blood (Blut Katzchen) – The Doctors (Television)
October 27, 2015

5,000+ Vampires Live In The U.S., Drink Donors’ Blood For Energy – NY Daily News
October 27, 2015

Buffy Star Juliet Landau Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Vampire Documentary
October 27, 2015

Vampirologists Are A Thing? – J. Gordon Melton
October 27, 2015

Real-Life Vampire Couple – Vanian & Ethereal Dark
October 27, 2015

Are Vampires Real? – John Edgar Browning – GA Tech
October 27, 2015

Interview With A Vampire (Merticus): Here’s What Real Vampires Do On Halloween – METRO UK
October 28, 2015

Real-Life Vampires Drink Blood To Sustain Survival – The Daily Meal
October 28, 2015

Bad Blood – M Dutch
October 28, 2015

Why ‘Real Vampires’ Fear Going To The Doctor – Everyday Health
October 28, 2015

Meet The Real Blood-Thirsty Modern Vampires Of 2015
October 28, 2015

DJ Williams – Self-Identified Vampires And Subtle Human Energy
October 28, 2015

Merticus ‘Impersonated’ On Kevin & Bean Radio Show – KROQ; Los Angeles, CA
October 28, 2015

How A New Orleans Vampire (Belfazaar Ashantison) And A Cajun Chef Made Blood Sausage Together – Munchies
October 28, 2015

Dracula On The Couch: The Psychiatry Of Vampires
Myth, Medical Illness, Madness, & Modern “Real Vampires”
By Joseph M. Pierre M.D.; Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA (Los Angeles, CA)
Psychology Today (Psych Unseen)
Contributions from Merticus of Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC & Examinations of Research from Joseph Laycock, PhD and DJ Williams, PhD
October 29, 2015

Lives Of Real Vampires: More Than A Diet Of Blood
By Merticus – Everyday Health Guest Contributor
October 29, 2015

Interview: Michelle Belanger – Verbicide Magazine
October 29, 2015

What It Means To Be A Real Vampire In Houston
October 29, 2015

Inside A ‘Real Vampire’ Community – New Zealand Herald
October 29, 2015

6 Facts About Real-Life Vampires – Bustle
October 30, 2015

Real Life Vampires: Meet A Guy (Merticus) Who Actually Drinks Human Blood – Irish Examiner
October 30, 2015

2015 Zombethics Symposium – “Vampires: Exploring Death Through Lens Of The Undead Elite” – Emory University w/Joseph Laycock & John Edgar Browning
October 30, 2015

Iron Garden – October Gathering – Mischief Night
October 30, 2015

Life Among The Vampires – John Edgar Browning – The Atlantic
October 31, 2015

There Are Such Things! Vampire Studies Symposium 2015 – North Central Texas College
October 31, 2015

Halloween Sur Bayou: L’étrange Communauté De “vampires” Buvant Vraiment Du Sang Humain
October 31, 2015

Halloween, Viaggio Tra I Veri Vampiri Di New Orleans
October 31, 2015

A Halloween Message To The Vampire Community From The Office Of Merticus
October 31, 2015

A Halloween Message To The Vampire Community From The Office Of Merticus

OfficeOfMerticus2015This year has turned out to be the most prolific with respect to media coverage for the vampire community since 2011; only eclipsed by television, radio and print media at the height of the ‘vampire craze’ towards the end of the last decade (2008-2009). While we can debate the merits of such exposure, I believe it’s important to note that the narrative has notably shifted and arguably matured. This has resulted in increased emphasis on the specific practices, beliefs, identity politics, challenges and even charitable nature of our participants rather than simply how we contrast with pop cultural depictions of the vampire. I look forward to the continued academic inquiries of Drs. Joseph Laycock, John Edgar Browning, D J Williams, Emyr Williams, Joseph Pierre and others and wish to thank them for their professional and diversified approach to exploring our community and sharing those observations with the world.

Likewise, thank you to those in the vampire community who locally, and within your own specialty niches, work to build a more vibrant and stronger community — from New Orleans to Austin to Atlanta to Manchester to South Africa to New Jersey to Tampa to Germany to Houston to Los Angeles to Philadelphia to London to New York City to Chicago to Cleveland to Melbourne to all points in-between! All too often we’re at each other’s throats over everything from fundamental disagreements and egos run amok to petty nonsense. It’s unrealistic to expect all of us to hold hands and walk in step, however, it’s reassuring to see so many come together to support one another, our various projects and gatherings for the sake of kinship while understanding the importance of maintaining our respective individuality and group autonomies. I’m genuinely excited for what adventures may unfold during the rest of this year and throughout 2016!

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween | Blessed Samhain!

- Merticus

September 2015 In Review

TheMasterOfTheFertilityOfTheEggVampire Community News (VCN) – September 2015 In Review

Vampires Exist And They’re Not What You Think – Seeker Daily
September 1, 2015

The Unity Question – Real Vampire Life
September 6, 2015

Skepticism: A Vampire’s Mirror – The Shadow Sage
September 8, 2015

Interview With A Vampyre – Berinvönn Dærthledd
September 10, 2015

Fanger Bangers: The Female Kinksters Who Get Off On Vampires
September 17, 2015

Interview With The Vampire… Expert – The Bengal
September 18, 2015

Anika Inquest: Identity Of ‘Vampire’ Leaked – South Africa
September 19, 2015

Vampyres Among Us! – Volume III – English Ed. (Limited To 400 Copies) – Dr. Mark Benecke & Ines Fischer

Top 10 Questions For Real Vampires – Logan South
September 22, 2015

Dear Real Vampires: Let’s Be Real For Once – VTOC
September 22, 2015

North Central Texas College (NCTC) To Host Halloween Symposium On Vampires
September 24, 2015

The Pariah Ploy – GraveYard Press
September 25, 2015

Frustration: A Call For Medical Research – VTOC
September 27, 2015

August 2015 In Review

MichelangeloMerisiDaCaravaggio-SanGerolamo-c1606Vampire Community News (VCN) – August 2015 In Review

Real-Life Vampires: We ‘Feed’ During Sex – The Real-Life Vampires Of Atlanta – The Daily Beast
August 4, 2015

Vampirology Poll Ruffles A Few Feathers – Octarine Valur
August 4, 2015

Can We Reverse The Ageing Process By Putting Young Blood Into Older People?
August 4, 2015

RIP Sanguinarius (Sangi) | 1970-2015 | Vampire Community Pioneer

On Second Thought – The Real Vampires w/John Edgar Browning & Merticus – Georgia Public Broadcasting
August 5, 2015

Gerçek Vampirler: Haftada Iki çorba Kaşığı Insan Kanı Içiyorlar – Radikal Turkey
August 6, 2015

PRAVA KRV Priča O Pravim Vampirima Koji Se “Hrane” Tokom Seksa – Blic Online Serbia
August 6, 2015

The Daily Beast Podcast: Interview With A Vampire (Merticus)
August 8, 2015

Seeking Vampires For Cable Network TV Series
August 8, 2015

New Orleans HexFest Forced to Change Ritual Location
August 9, 2015

Vampire Evolution: From Myth To Modern Day – By Eric Vernor (Corvis Nocturnum) & L. E. Carruba

Religious Experiences Of Vampires – Research Survey – Dr. Emyr Williams
August 13, 2015

Interview With A Real-Life Vampire (Merticus): Why Drinking Blood Isn’t Like In Hollywood – The Guardian
August 15, 2015

Vampyre Academy Reiki Survey – Octarine Valur
August 20, 2015

Blood Rave To Douse Amsterdam Dancers In Gallons Of Blood
August 20, 2015

Vampires… In A Town Near You? – The Time Traveler’s Dog
August 23, 2015

Psychic Vampirism: A Trend That Needs To End
August 26, 2015

Lady Gaga’s “American Horror Story” Character Is Basically A Vampire – Cosmopolitan
August 26, 2015

There Will Be Bloed: Uncovering Holland’s Halloween Blood Rave –
August 30, 2015

Are Goths Really More Depressed Than the Rest of Us ‘Normals’?
August 30, 2015

Religious Experiences Of Vampires – Dr. Emyr Williams

On behalf of Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC we would like to circulate the following research study notice from Dr. Emyr Williams of Glyndwr University to the vampire community for review and consideration.

GlyndwrUniversityCampusReligious Experiences Of Vampires
Dr. Emyr Williams
Glyndwr University

Aims Of The Survey:

Dr. Emyr Williams is a Lecturer in Psychology at Glyndwr University with a specialist interest in non-traditional religious beliefs and subcultures. The aim of this study is to broaden the psychological knowledge of the contemporary vampire subculture with the hope of publishing a series of academic publications that will help a wide audience understand the vampire subculture. The questionnaire looks at the issues of satisfaction with life, self-esteem and belief among the contemporary subculture.

Guidelines For Administration Of The Questionnaire:

The questionnaire is quite short and should not take any longer than 15 minutes to complete. We want you to answer the questions as accurately and honestly as possible. Your answers will be confidential.

How To Return The Questionnaire:

The questionnaire data will automatically be sent to Dr. Williams at Glyndwr University in an anonymous and confidential manner. There is no need to return paper copies.

The Questionnaire:

*Please make sure to click “Done” at the completion of the survey.

With best wishes,

Dr. Emyr Williams
Glyndwr University

13 August 2015

See Also:

Psychology & The Vampire Community – Dr. Emyr Williams

Seeking Vampires For Cable Network TV Series

Vampire Community News (VCN) is passing along this media solicitation to those in the Vampire Community who may be interested in participating:

“Seeking vampires for a major cable network TV series who are ready to come out of the coffin and reveal to the public what life is really like to live with this condition.

We are looking for everyday moms and/or dads and/or families who are trying to live normal lives, in spite of the challenges that vampirism brings.

This reality docu-series seeks to help non-vampires understand what living with Vampirism is all about, while also debunking all of the myths and stereotypes that currently exist.

Has your secret spiraled out of control, leading you to live a double life? And are you exhausted from covering it all up?  Are you willing to share your life and experiences and stand proud of who you are?

If you are interested, please email your story include your age and background and where you are today, photos and any video links you might have to: InterestedVampire  Please put “Merticus” in the subject line of the email.”

8 August 2015