Examining A Documentary For The Therian & Otherkin Communities

OtherkinClapperboardVCN is acting as a neutral party in this discussion by hosting these polls so that the Therian and Otherkin communities may better understand and evaluate their position and/or opinions on media depictions of their subculture(s).

Therians & Otherkin;

After viewing the Logo TV Documentary which aired in the United States on April 23, 2013 entitled ‘What!? I Think I’m An Animal’, please rate your overall satisfaction and opinions in the following three (3) polls.  We ask that you only answer Polls I and II if you have viewed the documentary; otherwise please skip to Poll III.

Logo TV Link:

YouTube Video Links:

Poll I:

How would you classify your overall satisfaction level with the documentary?

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Poll II:

How would you classify the accuracy of representation for the overall Therian & Otherkin Community (macro, not personal gnosis)?

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Poll III:

Please answer each question pair - 1, 2, 3, & 4. *Results: Reference raw vote total per question choice, not percentage.

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The results of these polls are provided in real-time so that you may discuss these topics at length via Therian and Otherkin forums, groups, chats, and other social mediums.  We’re merely facilitating the quantification of opinions — we leave it up to you to decide where things go from here.  We wish your communities the best of good fortune heading into the future!

Global Vampire & Donor+ Directory Update & Geographic Breakdown

GlobalDirectoryConnectionsGLOBAL NOTICE TO ALL VISITORS:

If you are reading this post and identify as either a Real Vampi(y)re, Donor, Therian, or Otherkin you are strongly encouraged you join the Global VDTORS Community Directory by completing the Sign-Up Form located at the following link.

Sign-Up Form: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/projects/globaldirectory.html
Maps & Database: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/projects/globaldirectorydatabase.html

Directory Registration Geographic Breakdown As Of April 17, 2013:

452 – United States of America (~47/50 States)
36 – United Kingdom
25 – Canada
18 – Germany
15 – Russia
13 – South Africa
12 – Italy
10 – Denmark
9 – Australia
8 – India
6 – New Zealand
5 – Austria
5 – Netherlands
4 – Norway
3 – Brazil
3 – Greece
3 – Mexico
2 – France
2 – Iraq
1 – Iran
1 – Egypt
49 – Other Countries*

34.1% Non-U.S. (234)
65.9% U.S. (452)


- The Global Vampire & Donor Community Directory will officially launch May 1, 2013 (it may take up to one week+ to initially contact everyone, but if you’ve completed the FORM LINKED ABOVE you will be contacted during the month of May, this is a massive undertaking so thank you for your patience!  To date we’ve received responses from more than 685 individuals in over two dozen countries).

- If you have already completed the registration form please do *NOT* complete it a second time – this only creates more work for us and slows the process.

- Therians/Otherkin: We’ve been asked if Therians and Otherkin may participate in this Directory and the answer is *YES* – we knew this might come up given cross-over between the communities so we provided for that option from the beginning.  While the primary audience of this Directory are Vampires and/or Donors, we will also place Therians and Otherkin in contact with one another per their geographic area and/or with Vampires, Donors, etc. as desired.  We will followup with self-identifying Therians and Otherkin individually after the public launch of the Directory in May.  Thank you for your interest and participation.

As of April 17, 2013:

Therians/Therianthropes*: 67
Otherkin*: 164

*Includes all self-identified (T/O/VT/VO/VTO) Therians, Otherkin, Vampire/Therian, Vampire/Otherkin, & Vampire/Therian/Otherkin combinations

- IMPORTANT: Please assist this effort by notifying the vampires and donors you know via your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blog, Fetlife, community forums, other social media websites, and especially LOCAL TO YOUR AREA — do not simply assume they have already joined because they may have missed seeing the notices or had questions but did not take the time to seek answers (if you have any questions e-mail us at VVCNotification [at] gmail [dot] com).  We are aiming for an exponential increase in the availability of vampire and donor contacts and in order for this to be successful we need broad-based cooperation and support.  It does not matter to us if someone is a blood drinker or an energy feeder, TOV, OSV, Aset Ka, etc., or loathes the “vampire community” — this is not about vampire allegiances or politics — it’s about connecting individuals who identify as “real vampi(y)res” along with donors and allies in their own localities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for encouraging all applicable parties to register for the Directory:

December 2012 In Review


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October 2012 In Review

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“Poz Vampire” Boone Bitter That Ex-Fiance Infected Him With HIV
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The Lost And Unenlightened – Corvis Nocturnum For GetFanged
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AMC Fearfest 2012 Mini-Docs: Blood Work – Sanguinarian Vampires + Sensationalism
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Vampire Community History Project – Updated Listing Coming December 2012 – Please Assist If You’re Able To Provide Information

Villainous People Are Hotter – Kevin Lewis For Boston Globe
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Happy Halloween!
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