A Halloween Message To The Vampire Community From The Office Of Merticus

OfficeOfMerticus2015This year has turned out to be the most prolific with respect to media coverage for the vampire community since 2011; only eclipsed by television, radio and print media at the height of the ‘vampire craze’ towards the end of the last decade (2008-2009). While we can debate the merits of such exposure, I believe it’s important to note that the narrative has notably shifted and arguably matured. This has resulted in increased emphasis on the specific practices, beliefs, identity politics, challenges and even charitable nature of our participants rather than simply how we contrast with pop cultural depictions of the vampire. I look forward to the continued academic inquiries of Drs. Joseph Laycock, John Edgar Browning, D J Williams, Emyr Williams, Joseph Pierre and others and wish to thank them for their professional and diversified approach to exploring our community and sharing those observations with the world.

Likewise, thank you to those in the vampire community who locally, and within your own specialty niches, work to build a more vibrant and stronger community — from New Orleans to Austin to Atlanta to Manchester to South Africa to New Jersey to Tampa to Germany to Houston to Los Angeles to Philadelphia to London to New York City to Chicago to Cleveland to Melbourne to all points in-between! All too often we’re at each other’s throats over everything from fundamental disagreements and egos run amok to petty nonsense. It’s unrealistic to expect all of us to hold hands and walk in step, however, it’s reassuring to see so many come together to support one another, our various projects and gatherings for the sake of kinship while understanding the importance of maintaining our respective individuality and group autonomies. I’m genuinely excited for what adventures may unfold during the rest of this year and throughout 2016!

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween | Blessed Samhain!

- Merticus