IndieJudge – Halloween 2013 Special: The Vampire Edition

Halloween 2013 Special: The Vampire Edition
IndieJudge Magazine

Will The Real Vampires Please Stand Up!
By Stavros Cockrell (Pages 20-22)


Table Of Contents:

Monsters Are Symbols, Excerpt From The Vampire in the Detective Story – Caroline Stikkelbroeck
Interview with a Vampire Author – Sufi Mohamed & Caroline Stikkelbroeck
Bela Lugosi’s Best Vampire Films – Charles E. Butler
The Vampire Diaries – Helen Marukh
Fear and Loathing in the Twilight Saga – David MacDowell Blue
Thirst, A Korean Expression – Seung-woo Baek
Nosferatu, Dracula, 30 Days of Night – Lachelle Redd
Classic Dracula Film Reels – Mo Hussain
Will the Real Vampires Please Stand Up – Stavros Cockrell
Fright Night 2 – Bertena Varney
Strigoi, a Romanian feast – Adam Wing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Andy Boylan
The Faces of Dracula – Dax Stokes
Beautiful Savage – Scarlette D’Noire
Vampire Gallery – Roger Koch & Charles E. Butler