Asylum Entertainment Seeking To Cast Vampires & Otherkin For Docu-Series

AsylumEntertainmentLogoPassing this along to the Vampire & Otherkin Communities since Asylum Entertainment has already made it public via other blogs, casting websites, and direct e-mail announcements which exponentially increases the likelihood of ‘highly questionable’ and/or ‘non-ideal participants’ stepping forward to claim their 15 minutes at the expense of the entire subculture or community…

Asylum Entertainment is seeking people to cast who are involved in unique subcultures or with unusual lifestyles for a TV Docu-Series on major cable network.

Vampire Specific Request:

Casting new documentary series for major cable network on the unique subculture of Vampires. Looking to follow a vampire through their daily lives and show stories of what life is like in this unique subculture. Looking for unique stories and characters to tell their stories.

1. Male/Female
2. 18 – 30
a) Coming out to family members or friends that have no idea you are a vampire
b) Culminating to a major event like a wedding etc.
c) Relationship of a vampire and non vampire
d) Vampire family or raising kids

General Public Casting Call Posting:


We are searching NATIONWIDE for people who are involved in unique SUBCULTURES or with UNUSUAL LIFESTYLES to be featured in a new television docu-series from an award-winning production company and a major cable network.

* Do you live an USUAL LIFESTYLE or partake in a unique SUBCULTURE?
* Maybe you’re one of the Furries, Otherkin, Bronies, Vampires, Adult Babies – or ANY others not listed?
* Tired of not showing friends or family the REAL you?
* Have a secret life you want revealed?
* Want to put it out there to the world?

If so, we want to hear from you!

We are seeing singles or couples ages 18-30 who are involved in unusual subcultures for a television docu-series that will follow you and your friends and family as you “come out” and reveal a part of yourself and your life they have never seen.

If you have a major event coming up (e.g., wedding, etc.), that is a big plus!

TO SUBMIT: E-Mail ALL the information requested below to: or

Be sure to include:

1. Your name (first and last)
2. Age
3. Contact phone number
4. City/State where you live
5. A bit about yourself, your lifestyle/subculture, and why you’d be great for this show
6. Recent photos (jpg format please)