Real Life Vampire & Loving Mother Sucks Human Blood

LadyDarkRoseReal Life Vampire: Vampire Loving Mother Sucks Human Blood, Twilight Style (VIDEO) – Barcroft TV

A real life vampire MUM-OF-THREE has shockingly revealed she drinks live human BLOOD from PEOPLE – sometimes consuming nearly TWO LITRES (half a gallon) a month. Bloodthirsty real life vampire Julia Caples, 45, is a vampire fanatic who has been sucking blood from willing ‘donors’ for over 30 years and says she’s hooked. And she reveals there is a huge underground sub-culture of other drinkers all over the world, who secretly engage in the same bizarre practices. Doctors feel a ‘resurgence of blood drinking’ is happening because of the recent spate of vampire series and films like Twilight. Care-worker Julia ‘hunts’ for willing ‘donors’ – fellow vampire fans willing to let Julia drink from them – at her local occult and oddities store. During drinking sessions at her Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania home, Julia carefully cuts them with a pagan-like sterilised knife she designed herself. She believes that guzzling down the the lifeblood from others keeps her feeling young and vigorous – just like ageless vampires from cult movies.

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Julia Caples, also known as Lady DarkRose, appeared on the Bill Cunningham Show on October 31, 2011 – Episode:  Dark, Disturbed, and Dangerous!

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