Introducing The Global Vampire, Donor, Therian, Otherkin+ Community Directory


If you are reading this post and identify as either a Real Vampi(y)re, Donor, Therian, or Otherkin you are strongly encouraged you join the Global VDTORS Community Directory by completing the Sign-Up Form located at the following link.

Sign-Up Form:
Maps & Database:

We are proud to announce the the official public release of the Global V.D.T.O.R.S. Community Directory!  At the link below you will find the most current Identity Type Distribution and Frequency Distribution geographic maps for the 1,036 Vampi(y)res, Donors, Therians, Otherkin, Researchers, and Supporters who have signed up for the Directory as of May 19, 2013.  Anyone signing up for the Directory after 2 PM ET May 19, 2013 will be included in future updates.  If you have not already joined we highly encourage you to do so by visiting the sign-up form linked above (Note; please do NOT complete the form again if you have already done so – if in doubt please e-mail us and inquire).  As more participants join we will be unveiling additional features, demographic correlations, layered map renderings, and other components (once we attain 250+ exclusive participants for both the Therian and Otherkin communities we will provide joint and separate maps for more streamlined viewing along with theriotype(s) and kintype(s) added to the description fields where applicable).

Vampires and donors (+ therians and otherkin) who have requested to be placed in contact with others in their geographic areas will receive instructions via their primary e-mail address on or about May 31, 2013 detailing the specifics of the UID Contact System mentioned in the Database page linked below.  Please review all materials, legend descriptions, database chart at the bottom of the page, and take advantage of viewing the maps in full screen mode.  This has and will continue to be a labor of hundreds of hours of data compilation, revising, double checking for duplicates/misspellings, correlations, etc. and we appreciate any donations you are able to send to keep Merticus well stocked with coffee and libations.  This project will evolve and grow based on the involvement of the communities represented so if you are aware of individuals or groups who have yet to complete the sign-up form please give them a friendly nudge.  Thank you!

Global Community Directory – Database & Geographic Maps

Global Community Directory – Sign-Up Form