Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] Official Statement: Humane Treatment Of Animals

Official Statement From The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA]:
The Humane Treatment Of Animals For Sanguinarian Purposes

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] does not condone the inhumane treatment of animals used for sanguinarian (blood) feedings under any circumstances.  While we recognize the needs of sanguinarian vampires to consume blood, we will not support those who choose to glorify the killing of any animal exclusively for this expressed purpose.  We will not support those who make statements about receiving pleasure from the act of an animal screaming, struggling, or in fear of its life.  Members of the AVA are not all vegetarians, and we do not take an exclusivist or ideological approach to the killing of common food animals.

However, there is a clear line between a person doing what is humane and necessary to satiate hunger or blood thirst and a person expressing a potential underlying psychosis wherein one revels in a desire to cause suffering to an animal while encouraging others to participate in kind.  Additionally, we can think of no justifiable reason for sanguinarian vampires to take the life of a dog, cat, or similar domesticated animal for purposes of blood drinking.  We strongly discourage members of the vampire community who do not already have experience as livestock handlers or sport hunters from assuming the enormous ethical responsibility and technical skill set that comes with deciding to slaughter your own food animals.  Hunting and farming both are skills that require attentive study, a strong ethical foundation, and respect for the creatures you are dealing with.

We additionally reiterate in the strongest possible terms that it is the responsibility and ethical burden of anyone who does engage in the slaughter of their own food animals to properly educate themselves on humane means of taking the life of an animal as well as possible medical dangers from consuming blood directly from wild or hunted game animals, livestock, or animals raised for meat.

If you witness someone who is inhumanely harming and taking the life of an animal under similar circumstances like the ones we have outlined above please report them to your local authorities, animal shelters, and the local vampire community.

January 20, 2013